Your very dear friend just got a job in ….. A MUSLIM COUNTRY OF YOUR CHOICE.HeShe wants you to come

Your very dear friend just got a job in ….. (A MUSLIM COUNTRY OF YOUR CHOICE).
He/She wants you to come visit and potentially seek a job in the region because there are many job opportunities for Americans companies
You are unsure about the idea but since you have a break at Cal State or graduating soon and have some time off, you decided to go visit for two weeks. Prior to visiting, you did some research and found some short tourism / news / business clips about YOUR COUNTRY OF CHOICE in addition to some job opportunities:
Write a short (approximately 1,200 words) exploration AND reflection answering the following:
EXPLORATION (600 words)
job opportunities in that region (such as United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia,
Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Morocco, etc.) RELATED to your major (briefly describe each one with salaries, benefits, and responsibilities) – The job must be current listing or within the past 12 months) (200-300 words)
touristic sites you would like to visit in the country above
and why
you chose them ahead of other sites (300-400
(Please add the links from the websites you found, however, dont count linked addresses as part of your word expectation)
REFLECTION (600 words)
1-Write three considerations that make you want to accept a job there (300 words)
2-Write three considerations that make you want to turn down a job there (300 words)

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