Your APA (7th) manual will be significant help in the


Your APA (7th) manual will be significant help in the process of writing.  For this assignment, we will move back to Chapter 4 of your text, pp. 118-119, “Practical Application: Judging the Feasibility of a Research Project.”  Using the Checklist provided, answer the 13 questions as they relate to the research problem you have chosen.  You will certainly use the information you completed for the assignments in the previous modules. This checklist will help you refine the process you will use for writing the final Research Proposal that is a requirement for this class.

So that your submission will be clear, please number each question in the checklist and state your answer in a complete sentence. Underline the words specific to your response.  You do not need to rewrite the question.  Example:

#1        The area my problem will deal with is records.

Use the same formatting guidelines described in Week 1.

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