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MLA format Purpose -The goal of this assignment is to enhance your critical thinking skills. In doing so you should be able to show emotional richness and dissonance and connection to a place and show what that means to you. In other words, the assignment calls for both cultural and self examination and the ability to communicate the product of that examination to the reader. Task -Explore your relationship with a place. This relationship should have some sort of dissonance-An issue related to the place that is causing confusion, concern, conflict, or a general surprise. That is not to say the relationship must be a negative one, just that there be an issue within the relationship that is unclear or needs a resolution, or that the relationship raises questions that you wish to explore. For an example if you were to write about New York, the dissonance could be the fact that the city was violated and changed by the attacks by 9/11 ; if you were to write about your grandmas house, dissonance could be that it does not “match” what you feel a grandmothers house should be like; if you were to write about your room at home, the dissonance could be that you are no longer or can not be there all the time. Choose a relationship with a physical or virtual place. This place can be from your present or past, but you must have physical or virtually visited the place at once. In addition, this place should not be an abstract one. In other words do not write about your relationship with your mind, The metaphorical “closet ” or an imaginary world. You must choose a place that can be accessed by another.

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