Write 500 words (+ 50 words) using APA style format

 Write 500 words (+ 50 words) using APA style format to answer each of the following questions:  One argument in the debate surrounding globalization is about the inequality between nations. Has COVID exacerbated this inequality? Explain your answer giving specific examples of inequality to support your comments. 

 Each report should comprise of an introduction, analysis, and a clear conclusion. 


Activity/Competencies Demonstrated

% of Final Grade

Critical Analysis and Research (65%)

a. Completeness of report


b. Depth of analysis


c. Appropriateness of evaluation of lessons learned


Communication (20%)

a. Uses language clearly and effectively at appropriate level


b. Information organized intelligently and holistically


Attention to Detail (15%)

a. APA Referencing and formatting (title, headings & references)


b. Spelling and grammar




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