WNEU ME 322 Spring 2019 Take‐Home Project

Find 2 manufacturers within 25 miles of your home town or the town you would like to live in after graduation.  For each manufacturer, gather and compare the following information (as much as is available publicly, or with a little digging – a polite email and/or phone call and/or visit is not prohibited):

1) Info: Name, address, website, founding date 2) Current ownership (family business, privately owned, stock company, part of a larger corporation, etc.) 3) Annual revenue & profit over the past 3 years 4) Number of employees: administrative, production, engineering, etc. 5) Open job postings and starting & average salaries in area for Manufacturing/Industrial/[synonym] Engineer 6) Primary markets they serve 7) Primary products they produce, and annual quantity 8) Frequency of product innovation: major part modifications over the last 5 years 9) Do they use castings?  If so, what process(es) do they use for their cast parts? 10) Do they perform any bulk or sheet forming operations?  Provide details. 11) Provide a list of casting, bulk, sheet and machining equipment that they have on site. 12) Provide your best guess as to the complete manufacturing processing of their most popular product parts. 13) Provide suggestions as to how you would use [other] casting and/or bulk and/or sheet forming processes for their most popular product.

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