Week 3 Discussion Thread 1 In their article, Dhillon and

Week 3 Discussion Thread 1

 In their article, Dhillon and colleagues discuss transformational applications of e-government. While the article was written a while ago, we know that governments are still far from achieving transformational applications of e-government. All of us have experienced government for different purposes. Based upon the arguments put forth in the article and your own experiences, do you believe the authors are correct in the challenges preventing governments from adopting more transformational applications of e-government? Why do you agree or disagree with them? 

Week 3 Discussion Thread 2

Business process management requires a careful understanding of an organizations processes and subtle attempts to altering them to improve efficiency and effectiveness (a scalpel). Business process reengineering is a much more invasive form or restructuring and organization’s processes to improve the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness (a sledgehammer). Read this article: https://www.aicpastore.com/Content/media/PRODUCER_CONTENT/Newsletters/Articles_2013/ForensicValuation/54-million-dollar-fraud.jsp (Links to an external site.)

If you were in charge of the city of Dixon and had to look at e-government and technology as a means of addressing some of the issues that led up to this problem, would you look to a business process management or reengineering approach? In justifying your approach, be sure to discuss benefits, but also highlight some potential risks to this strategy.

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