VO1009 Assessment Breif 2019: Gang and Gun Culture Assessment

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With reference to examples discussed in class, what are the factors that determine engagement in gang membership?


Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module a student will be able to:


Explain the key debates surrounding gun and gang culture.


Evaluate with tutor guidance, the impact of gender ratios, stereotyping, and social factors relating to gun and gang crime


Discuss, through a defined conceptual knowledge base, the media’s interpretation of gang and gun culture and issues surrounding them.


Compare issues surrounding guns and gangs in various communities across the globe


Give examples of the crime prevention strategies, crime statistics and policing in relation to gangs and guns.


                INTRODUCTION (approx. 300 words)

Introduce what you will be discussing

What do you mean by gangs and what definition will you be using to present your arguments?


Discuss the different stereotypes and what they mean for males and females (approx. 250 words)

How is this explained by theorist? (approx. 250 words)

How does the media represent gangs and what impact does this have? (approx. 250 words)

How is this explained by theorists? (approx. 250 words)

Can the same theories be used to explain why people join gangs across the globe?  If so how and if not, why? (approx. 500 words)

What are the police doing to tackle gang crime and what can they do differently? (approx. 500 Words)


CONCLUSION (approx. 200 words)

Summarise what you have discussed and the lessons learnt from conducting this piece of work


Word count: 2500 words


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