Using Social Media in Health Care

 Description Objective: Identify the use of social networking in health care Assignment Overview:this assignment will discuss the use of social networking in health care. Deliverables: A two-page paper and Link to social media page Conduct research:Using your textbook, the Internet, or other reputable resources, explore various disorders and diseases. Textbook 1. Health Information Management Technology: An Applied Approach (5th edition) – Sayles and Gordon 2. Health Information: Management of a Strategic Resource (5th edition) – Abdelhak and Hanken 3. Information Technology for the Health Professions (4th edition) – Burke & Weill Explore the purpose of social media in health care. Write a paper addressing the following: 1- After picking a disease or disorder such as autism or breast cancer, describe the disease or disorder in detail. 2-Search social media pages and find one that interests you. Explain why you chose that social media page. 3-Summarize your findings and how the use of social media is effective in the healthcare field. Be sure that you properly cite any resources used. Do not forget to include the link in your document to the social media page for reference.

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