This assignment is set up as a test, so you

This assignment is set up as a test, so you will need to click the link above to get to the instructions.

According to a National Geographic report, 18 billion pounds of plastic waste flows into the oceans every year from coastal regions. How long can we continue this behavior unchanged?

For this assignment, you will respond to short-answer and questions based on the documentary “A Plastic Ocean.”

1.How much disposable plastic is produced or used per year?

2.What is the cause of the whale death reported in the film?

3.How many disposable bottles of water does the US produce per year?

4.According to the film, what percentage of disposable plastic is recycled?

5.What did the submarine operators discover at 400m and 1.5 miles on the ocean floor?

6.What is a gyre? How do gyres affect plastic debris?

7.What impact does plastic have on seabirds?

8.According to the documentary, how much plastic was thrown away while you were viewing the film?

9.How did the scientists collect blubber samples from the dolphins? What did those samples reveal?

10.What changes can you personally make to minimize the use of disposable plastics?

11.What advice would you give hoteliers on how to reduce plastic pollution?

12.How does human existence depend on the ocean?

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