The goals and ideas of abolition was to remove slavery

The goals and ideas of abolition was to remove slavery all together. More importantly, was to emancipation of all enslaved people. Most abolitionists were white religious Americans, but most of the abolitionists were black leaders who escaped bondage. These were men and women. The abolitionists saw slavery as a abomination of the United States and wanted to eradicate slave ownership. Some of the key players in this movement was William Lloyd Garrison who wrote a publication called “The Liberator” which asked for the freeing of all slaves. Harriett Beecher Stowe who wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin. John Brown who led uprisings and raids. One of the most important raids was the raid on Harper;s ferry, Virginia. All of the abolitionists felt slavery was wrong because God did not want anyone treated differently. Most of the Northern Christians did not want to have anything to do with slavery in the south. While Southerns were used to labor from slaves. (explain in own words 100 words)

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