The Clash of Civilizations

Having read The Clash of Civilizations article, what you will need to do in this essay is to summarize the article. First you will need to locate and describe Huntington’s main thesis clearly. You then then need to locate and describe all of Huntington’s sub-arguments which are used to support his main argument. Now, in order to properly asses Hungtinton’s argument I have assgined a very short article by David Brooks titled Huntington’s Clash Revisited. Take the paragraph before your concluding paragraph to dicuss Brooks’ most salient criticisms of Huntington’s argument. Guidelines: 1. Locate the author’s main argument. Summarize it as best as you can. This will place you in the introduction 2. You will then want to give your reader a sense of how the author defines a civilization and the number and type of civilizations he sees the world being divided into. This will happen in the first body paragraph 3. Locate the author’s sub-arguments in support of his main argument. Summarize the content of each of these arguments 4. Identify some of the issues with Huntington’s argument using the Brooks short article 5. Move on to the conclusion which is basically a restatement of the argument combined with your own assessment.

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