Social Work: Community Analysis paper

Instructions : Its  about domestic violence and victim that goes back in White Plains, New York or in the westchester county area. ” Learners will demonstrate developing analytical skills regarding community engagement and creating interventions to address unmet community needs. Learners will write a focused 7-8 page paper discussing a population of interest and social issue (e.g. long term care for frail elders; child care and single working parents; domestic violence and immigrant women) within an arena (a community in which has field or in which one lives, works or volunteers). The paper will: 1) identify the social problem using supporting data and evidence; 2) analyze how dynamics of power, privilege and oppression play into how this social problem exists; 3) develop a strategy to address this problem within the specific context of the chosen community and population and 4) explain how this intervention aligns with existing social work values of social, economic and environmental justice.” Please includes macro, mezzo and micro in the paper.

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