Role of outsourcing in supply chain environmental management

 Using examples from multinational organisations, prepare an analysis of the role and importance of outsourcing in supply chain environmental management. Please use the following references and sources 1. Jacobs, F.R. & Chase, R. (2014) Operations and supply chain management. 14th global ed. New York: McGraw-Hill. •Chapter 1, ‘Introduction’ •‘Distinguishing operations versus supply chain process’ (pp. 4-6) •Chapter 16, ‘Global sourcing and procurement’ •‘Outsourcing’ (pp. 405-411) •Chapter 3, ‘Design of products and services’ •‘Product design’ (pp. 43-49) •Chapter 16, ‘Global sourcing and procurement’ •‘Framework for supplier relationships’ (pp. 407-408) •‘Greensourcing’ (pp. 409-411) 2. Wisner, J.D., Tan, K.-C. & Leong, G.K. (2008) Principles of supply chain management. 2nd ed. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning. 3. Journal Awaysheh, A. & Klassen, R.D. (2010) ‘The impact of supply chain structure on the use of supplier socially responsible practices’, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 30 (12), pp. 1246-1268. 4. Journal Laosirihongthong, T., Adebanjo, D. & Tan, K.-C. (2013) ‘Green supply chain management practices and performance’, Industrial Management and Data Systems, 113 (8), pp. 1088-1109. 5. any other sources

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