Reading from a journal article and answering questions (40%) Read

Reading from a journal article and answering questions (40%)

Read attached article “Corporate Ownership and News Bias Revisited: Newspaper Coverage of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United Ruling” and answer the following questions:

a) Upon reading the findings of the article/research, do you think how media corporations benefited from the changes in campaign finance law influenced their news outlets’ coverage of the Citizens United decision?

b) What is news bias? What are the components that support news to become bias?  

c) Briefly outline the research method applied for this research (just a paragraph) 

d) What are the key findings? Just in points

e) Please suggest -how could the government control the financial interests of the news media corporations which they use with their power to influence how their news outlets cover issues? Please recommend just based on your own opinion and observation. 

Answer in complete; no word limit is set but I would go upto 1.5-2 pages at least. 

Citation style: APA 7th edition

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