Racism toward Indigenous peoples in Canada

Format: -Microsoft Word document -font size 12 (Times New Roman) double spaced -must be at least 8 pages (full 8 pages; not including the cover page) -Chicago style referencing (footnotes and a separate bibliography page are required) Paper details: -examine the prevalence of racism in Canada (is it really a significant issue today?) -discuss some of the key factors which uphold and contribute to such attitudes -then focus on the concepts of meritocracy and white privilege -as developing the thesis and the framework for the argument, consider the questions/ideas: (1). why/how does adherence to beliefs about the role of “meritocracy” factor into such attitudes? (2). why is there a lack of belief/knowledge about the role of “white privilege” and its impact on such attitudes? (3). How and why, might greater understandings/insight into each of these concepts foster more realistic and inclusive attitudes toward Indigenous peoples in Canada? Required articles for the topic: (Five article sources in total) -First one: Brockham, Melanie and Todd Morrison. “Exploring the Roots of Prejudice Toward Aboriginal Peoples in Canada.” The Canadian Journal of Native Studies 36, no. 2 (2016): 13-42. – and 4 other article sources

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