Prepare a Business Case Project Proposal o Use knowledge of PRINCE 2 Project Management for this assignment. o Submit as

Prepare a Business Case / Project Proposal
o Use knowledge of PRINCE 2 (Project Management) for this assignment.
o Submit as a single MS Word Document.
o Word limit: 2000 words (excluding the Appendix and Table of Contents and references)
o Properly label and figures and diagrams.
o Chole a unique name for your business case.
o Follow the Rubric attached to see how this assignment will be marked.
o All statements must have legitimate references.
Follow the below structure for your assignment. Construct the assignment as per the below 12
sections and properly label all paragraphs, sub paragraphs and diagrams.
1. Title Page
a. Project title (Chose a unique title for your business case)
b. Name of assignment
2. Table of Contents
3. Executive Summary (Briefly describe a high-level summary or contents of the business)
4. Reasons for Doing the Project (Background of the project or challenge you are facing, and you want to do that for the project.
Remain competitive. Don’t confuse reasons and benefits.)
5. Objectives
a. Identify two objectives.
b. Develop a SWOT analysis (Minimum four in each category). You can do a mind map as well.
6. Quantitative Analysis
a. Use the following techniques to quantify the viability of the project:
a. Weighted scoring model
b. NPV
c. Payback
d. ROI
b. Identify the expected benefits.
7. List the Business Options
8. Project Requirements
a. List and describe the requirements needed to carry out this project.
b. List and describe the possible assumptions for this project.
c. List and describe the constraints for this project.
9. Costs
a. Estimate how much does it will cost. (Do research of similar project, estimation not accurate, find price and add
b. Explain how you estimated costs.
10. Major Risks
a. Identify five (5) risks and quantify their potential likelihood and severity.
b. Indicate how each of the above-mentioned risks will be managed
11. Timescale
a. How long is the estimated time to complete the project?
b. List and describe the major milestones.
12. Conclusion and References

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