Post a clinically relevant research question using the PICOT format. How did you arrive at this topic and question Why

Post a clinically relevant research question using the PICOT format.
How did you arrive at this topic and question?
Why is it important?
( “what are the new and appropriate wound care methods?”
This questions uniqueness is to develop an evidence-based practice supported with current knowledge about a proper and new way of wound care, treatment )
P: Population/patient – elderly patient with pressure ulcers I: Intervention/indicator- The main intervention is the use negative pressure wound therapy C: Comparison/control – standard moist wound therapy O: Outcome – the expected result or outcome would be based on the quality and duration of wound healing based on the intervention and comparison .T: Time – two weeks’ stay in hospital
Initial Post:
Length: A minimum of 250 words, not including references
Citations: At least one high-level scholarly reference in APA format from within the last 5 years
Please read below for
guidelines and instructions.See USU NUR Discussion Board Rubric for additional details and point weighting.PICOT
stands for:
Population/ Patient Problem: Who is your patient? (Disease or Health status, age, race, sex)
Intervention: What do you plan to do for the patient? (Specific tests, therapies, medications)
Comparison: What is the alternative to your plan? (ie. No treatment, different type of treatment, etc.)
Outcome: What outcome do you seek? (Less symptoms, no symptoms, full health, etc.)
What is the time frame? (This element is not always included.)
Your PICOT question will fall under one of these types:
Use the PICOT format to break down your question into smaller parts and identify keywords:
Patient /
Intervention /
Compare /
Time /
Type of Study or Question
Who are the relevant patients? Think about age, sex, geographic location, or specific characteristics that would be important to your question. What is the management strategy, diagnostic test, or exposure that you are interested in? Is there a control or alternative management strategy you would like to compare to the intervention or indicator? What are the patient-relevant consequences of the intervention? What time periods should be considered?
What study types are most likely to have the information you seek?
What clinical domain does your question fall under? If you have questions, let me know Attachment(s):

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The clinic questions are very doable capstone projects. Prior students have pursued both.
An interesting blog on wound care in 2020:

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