Please watch the industry panel and submit a 12 page reaction paper in a word or PDF file https:youtu.beFEvjei1D8Y watch

Please watch the industry panel and submit a 1-2 page reaction paper (in a word or PDF file) watch this video
The reaction paper shall answer the following three questions:
1. From the panel discussion, how are data science and artificial intelligence changing the fashion industry?
2. From the panel discussion, what job and career opportunities are associated with data science and artificial intelligence? Related, what is your vision for the future of fashion education? (for example, do we need a dedicated fashion major like FASH? what fashion students should learn?)
3. Please discuss two other takeaways from the video (for example, anything you find most interesting or any points mentioned by the panelists that you strongly agree or disagree with)
The essay will be graded–5 points to be counted as part of your mid-term exam 2 grade.
The grading will be based on the completeness and the quality of the paper. Late submission will not be accepted.

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