Please respond to all three questions, one question at a


Please respond to all three questions,  one question at a time. Indicate the topic in the title of your  response, for example: Topic # 1; Topic # 2; and Topic #3. Reply to at  least 2 classmates per topic. 

Topic #1 – Impactful Practices in Training

Consider a work-related training course you have taken in the last  several years.  Which aspects of the training did you find had the most  impact (e.g., participant guide or other handouts, the learning  activities, any pre/post work)? Why did you find these useful?

Topic #2 – Competencies

What are competencies and why are they popular in training  departments? How are competency models related to job analysis? Be sure  to use at least two resources from the class.

Topic #3 – Training Outcomes from TNA

For assignment 2, step 6, you will include at least three training  outcomes based on the TNA from assignment 1.  Share an example of one of  your training outcomes that you are including in your TNA assignment  Week 5.  

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