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The personal development log is part of the Consultancy in Practice assessment. It will be assessed via an individual written assignment. It is expected that students will draw from both lectures and relevant literature to write this assignment. It is expected that this assignment will be an original piece of writing that brings some insight and understanding of your personal development, with references to theoretical frameworks. You should write a report that identifies, critically evaluates and reflects on your personal career development, applying theory, that you have been working on during the course. This assignment should be an aid to your career development and will focus on one key career development objective identified by you early in the module that is significant for your future career. The report should be based upon the learning journal which is introduced in the first session. The learning journal is an individual document of personal development and will not be submitted. The report should be written in the first person in standard report format, including an executive summary at the beginning and references at the end. References should be in Harvard format. The executive summary, the reference section and any appendices that you choose to include are not included in the word count. The report must comprise the following three sections:

1. Introduction and Rationale: Identify one important key career development objective that you need to develop this year in order to progress or improve your career further. Write a rationale for your choice, explaining how you identified this career development objective and why this development objective is significant to your professional career development. Examples include skills such as team working, time management, or leadership. Alternatively, you may want to discuss development of personal attributes such as assertiveness or anxiety management..

2. Application of theory and critical analysis: Select and apply relevant theories, to critically analyse and reflect upon how your thinking and behaviour have changed as a result of your career development. You can use a theory from the PPD handbook, e.g. the competency framework, or Golden Rules of Time Management, or one of the recommended texts, e.g. Winstanley, Personal Effectiveness.

3. Career Action Plan: A detailed career action plan for future career and professional development comprising: o The skills or attributes that you need to develop (What?) o The action required to achieve your goals (How?) o The time scale for achieving each of your goals and a realistic, specific review date (When?) This should be presented in a table forma

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