Music Appreciation CH16 Quiz

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Academic Level: Undergrad. (yrs 3-4)

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Music Appreciation CH16 Quiz

Arcadelt emphasizes the last line of the poem in the Madrigal by not repeating it  false

Arcadelt uses word painting to portray the images in the Poetry of his madrigal Il Bianco e dolce cigno    true

at which point in the text of fair phyllis does the word change to an imitative texture?    "up and down he wandered"

Farrmer "paints" the first line of the text, "fair phyllis I saw sitting alone" through the musical use of   monophony

Farmer's fair phyllis is written for ___ voices    four

In Arcadelt's madrigal Il Bianco e dolce cigno the melody is mostly in high voice    true

in which of the following countries did Arcadelt live and work?   France

the English Madrigal preceded the development of the Italian Madrigal by some twenty years    false

The mood of Farmers madrigal Fair Phyllis can be best described as   light and pastoral

the Performing forces for Farmer's Madrigal consist of a four voice SATB ensemble    true