My Journal Articles has been attached. My project topic is attached as well. The Course

Journal Articles has been attached. My project topic is attached as well.

The Course Project consists of a literature review with an Annotated Bibliography. A literature review requires you to select, analyze, summarize, and synthesize research using scholarly resources on a particular topic. For each source, you will create an annotation, which consists of a brief descriptive and evaluative paragraph of the source. The annotation highlights the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the source cited. The literature review and the annotated bibliography can provide you with an overview of a topic or act as a stepping-stone toward completing a research paper such as a thesis or dissertation at the end of your program.
For your Course Project:
Select a topic of interest to you from the developmental psychopathology topics covered in the course.
Research and critique 15–20 scholarly articles related
to the selected topic.
Select 8–10 articles that are most relevant to your
Create an Annotated Bibliography by annotating each
article you selected.
Limit each annotation to one paragraph. Each annotation should include the purpose of the study and the findings of each article.
Write a one-page introduction to introduce the topic and explain your interest in the topic.
Write 4–6 pages of annotation text.
Write 1–2-page observation/implication paper. Synthesize the arguments and ideas of the scholars who contributed to your
The Annotated Bibliography should contain a minimum of 20 references. The Annotated Bibliography should focus on a major childhood disorder. At least 10 of the references should relate to treatment or treatment issues of your selected disorder.
Your Course Project should be a total of 6–9 pages in length, which includes the 1-page for the introduction, 4–6 pages for the annotated bibliography, and 1–2 pages for the observation/implication paper.

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