Journal Entry (week 1)   We will use the last minutes of


Journal Entry (week 1)


We will use the last minutes of each lecture to give you a chance to reflect on the covered material and share your thoughts. Even if you were not able to attend lectures, you will be able to reflect on each week’s material.  Your first entry can include a description of why you are taking this course, and what you are hoping to get out of it. You can also voice your biggest concern. 

Only six of your submitted entries or reflections will count towards your final grade. 


Please submit your journal entry or short essay for this week here. 

You should include your thoughts and reflections on this week’s assigned readings, additional material, personal experiences, ideas regarding your final project, and concerns.

Please do not exceed 200 words ( We are trying to read them all). 

This assignment is graded based on effort. If sufficient effort to reflect on this week’s material is detected, you will receive full credit.

Journal entries: 

I want you to keep a journal or regularly reflect on the material covered each week and ask you to submit select journal entries (or short reflections) as an assignment each week. These assignments give you an opportunity to reflect on your learning and provide feedback on the assigned readings, lectures, sections, and additional information posted from each week. You can also discuss ideas related to each week’s material in preparation for your final project. You can also share additional examples or sources that relate to the material covered each week, and submit your reflections in alternative formats (e.g. upload a picture of hand-written notes, draw a diagram, record yourself or relevant content). Journal entries will be graded on effort and I will do my best to provide comments and feedback. 

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