John Wesley Powell and Colorado history

Paper details In your essay you should begin by briefly identifying your person with specific details. When and where did they live? What were some of their key accomplishments?

For these details you may use any reliable sources, including Wikipedia, but be sure to clearly cite all sources so readers know where you found your information. Any academic style such as MLA or Chicago is acceptable, just be clear and consistent. Second, put your person’s life into the bigger context of Colorado history. What larger issues were they connected to? What major events happened during their life? Did they follow trends or set new ones? Exactly how your person fits into the larger picture depends on who you person was, but in any case be sure to use concrete information from the Colorado textbook properly cited to support your analysis. For example if you argue that your person contributed to the economic struggles in Colorado during the Great Depression, you should provide some statistics about the Depression in Colorado from the textbook as context. Finally, comment on whether or not you consider the person a role model, and why.

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