Is Batman really a superhero, or simply a rich man with expensive

This is a paper for a synthesis essay, As The Allyn and Bacon Guide to Writing (2015) explains, “A successful synthesis essay incorporates ideas from your texts and yet represents your own independent, creative thinking” (297). This means that, for this paper, you need to show a clear understanding of the two articles and explain how your understanding of these articles has influenced your thinking on your chosen topic of discussion. Objectives/Goals: • To learn how to read an author’s work critically and to understand what argument they are making. • To learn how authors create persuasive arguments. • To use critical thinking and rhetorical analysis to take an informed position in a conversation or debate. Process: 1. Choose a topic and write a synthesis question about it. This question will reflect an interest you have in this topic/issue. 2. Find two articles about your topic. 3. Write and annotated bibliography that includes 2 paragraphs per source: a. Paragraph 1: summary of source b. Paragraph 2: Interact with source. Do you agree or disagree with the source? Does the author agree or disagree with the other author any one or more points? Explain with points. 4. Analyze each article. 5. Write a thesis that synthesizes the ideas of the two articles and expresses how your view on the topic has been influenced by reading the articles. 6. Write a well-organized paper that supports the thesis using one of the two organizational structures on AB 302. A thesis for this paper will answer these questions: • What is your position on this issue? • How did author 1 influence you to come to this decision? • How did author 2 influence you to come to this decision? Requirements: APA style (see PG page 100 for formatting and PG pages 104-106 for online citations) 750 words Times new roman, 12 pt font Works Cited page

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