Information Systems Integration Project

 Description Health care information is highly complex, dynamic, and time-oriented, and it is important for students to understand the growth of technology in health care. This assignment is designed to assist the student in gaining a broader understanding of the complexity and challenges that accompany the integration of health information technology. Emphasis is placed on the evaluation of efficiency, effectiveness, and the challenges of overcoming the barriers while utilizing technology in the management of a health care organization. Interview at least one health care IT professional regarding the integration of a health management information system (HMIS) into an existing facility. You will need to develop your own interview questions to successfully complete this assignment. After completing your individual interview(s), compose a 1,100-word paper that includes the following: 1. Introduction 2. Describe the type of health care organization and the role(s) of the IT professional(s) that you interviewed. 3. Explain what HMIS means to the individual(s) and provide a summary of the interview discussion. 4. Discuss the importance of HMIS both within and across health care organizations using examples from the interview(s) that you conducted. 5. Describe the cost, time, and delivery of quality services associated with an HMIS. 6. As an “Addendum” section to your paper, attach a printed copy of the interview questions you crafted and used in your health care IT professional interview. 7. Conclusion

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