Identification and Evaluation of Literature for Proposed Intervention – Part

Identification and Evaluation of Literature for Proposed Intervention – Part Il

Please follow and use the attached Rubric to complete the assignment

Assessment Description

This is the Part II of identifying primary research articles that support the intervention for your proposed DPI Project.

General Requirements

  • Use revised “Literature Evaluation Table – DPI Intervention” from Topic 2 to complete this assignment.
  • Refer to “Levels of Evidence in Research,” ATTACHED.
  • While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be      found in the APA Style Guide.


Using your “Literature Evaluation Table – DPI Intervention” from Topic 2, make the changes or revisions specified in the instructor feedback and complete the final table.

The final table must include:

  1. PICOT-D question.
  2. Table 1: Five primary quantitative research articles that support your intervention. Two of the articles must come from the United States or Canada. Three additional articles from any of the      following countries: United Kingdom, Denmark, India, New Zealand, Germany, or Australia.
  3. Table 2: Ten primary or secondary quantitative research studies that provided additional support for your intervention or some aspect of your intervention. These four articles may come from any of the 133 countries listed on the “International Compilation of Human Research Standards.”
  4. Table 3: The nursing and change theory you selected from DNP-815A.
  5. Table 4: The clinical guidelines that align to the DPI Project, if applicable. Include the primary quantitative research in Table      1.

You will use the articles and information from your DNP-820A – Literature Evaluation Table in Topic 6, where you will write a synthesis of the literature. Be sure to review all instructor feedback for this assignment and make any necessary changes or revisions.

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