discuss what’s the main point of the film, what’s 

  discuss  what’s the main point of the film,  what’s the position of the filmmakers on this topic

 and what three pieces of clear evidence from the film that lead to this position.

–  discern between valid and invalid arguments.

Consider the following arguments

All chickens have feathers.
This animal has feathers.
Therefore, this animal is a chicken.

All chickens are green.
No green birds eat pickles.
Therefore, no chickens eat pickles.

All chickens are mortal.
My pet bird Gilda is a chicken.
Therefore, Gilda is mortal.

All chickens are birds.
All ducks are birds.
Therefore, all chickens are ducks.

Floyd is a rooster.
A rooster is a male chicken.
Therefore, Floyd is a chicken.

  • Which of these syllogisms is valid,  are these syllogisms valid and which are not. For the invalid syllogisms, include the reason, for the non-valid structure.
  • Which of these syllogisms is sound,  Explain why these syllogisms are sound and which are not. For the unsound syllogisms, include the reason(s) for the unsound structure.

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