HR is the foundation of an organization’s success. HRM focuses

HR is the foundation of an organization’s success. HRM focuses on achieving corporate objectives through the effective management of people in organizations. It examines the link between people, satisfaction, and productivity. Effective HRM results in a higher quality of work life, higher productivity, and an improved readiness for change. The role of the HR manager has become more ambiguous, shifting in the direction of a business partner, an employee champion or advocate, and a catalyst of change, while being focused on strategic leveraging of human capital.

This week, you will learn about the importance of HRM in an organization’s strategic planning process. You will also examine the challenges in the healthcare industry that can threaten the success of HR strategic initiatives in an organization’s overall plan. The week will provide you with an opportunity to explore the various issues affecting the provision of healthcare and identify the role of HRM in relation to those issues.

Your Learning Objectives for the Week:

  • Explain the importance of the HR function in healthcare organizations in terms of strategic planning.
  • Assess the legal environment affecting HRM in healthcare settings.

Text Book information….

Flynn, W. J., Mathis, R. L., & Jackson, J. H. (2015). Healthcare Human Resource Management (3rd Edition). Cengage Limited. 

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