How much do Māori environmental values shape the New Zealand approach

1. How much do Māori environmental values shape the New Zealand approach to Environmental Ethics? How much should they? Is the NZ approach a good one? – Note: This question is intended to focus on policy level action, rather than individual level action. So, you should be considering things like how the government attempts to support environmental considerations, or how non-governmental organisations, private corporations, and so on do so. There may be instances where considerations of individual approaches to EE are relevant, but you should be careful to ensure that these are tied into the theoretical approaches discussed in the course material.

3. What responsibilities (if any) do we have towards future generations, and how can we fulfill these obligations (whatever they may be)? – Note: If you want to argue that we don’t have any responsibilities towards future generations, that doesn’t get you off the hook – you still need to defend your position. You will have to consider why those who argue that we *do* have responsibilities, are mistaken! You must give full references for all sources, including Internet sites, either in footnotes or a bibliography. But don’t pad your bibliography by including sources that you haven’t used in your essay. You may use any recognised reference system (e.g. Harvard, APA), as long as it provides Author, Year, & Page references (page references only where they exist, obviously).

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