How is Juvenile delinquency related to bad parenting?

 In this workshop, you will practice applying the validity criteria on our checklist–Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose–to two lists of resources related to your field of study and its associated professions. These lists will have been compiled by a person or organization outside of the higher education setting. One of the lists will meet the validity criteria and you would recommend it to other people interested in the subject. The other list will not meet the validity criteria and you would therefore not recommend it to others. Assignment Guidelines: Use your accustomed search engine to locate lists of resources related to your field of study and its associated professions. They can be either simple lists of links or links with annotations. (See this week’s “Annotated Bibliography” reading for examples.) It’s also possible that you might find lists of resources that don’t include links; these would be appropriate to use for this assignment as well. Using “resources” in your keyword search string should bring you relevant results. If not, feel free to reach out to your classmates, your instructor, or the librarian for help. Searching directly in a social media platform such as YouTube, Facebook or Pinterest would probably save you some time in locating an example that doesn’t meet the criteria on our validity checklist. Review your list of search results. Select the two resource lists that will be the most straightforward for you to apply the validity criteria to. One list should pass the C.R.A.A.P. test and, the other should be of questionable resources that, based on the C.R.A.A.P. test, do not pass the test. If you have trouble with this, ask your colleagues, or read this piece from We will see in the coming weeks however, that not all blogs and social media make for bad sources, so think carefully about resources based on the validity checklist. 3. Write a post in which you provide us with the context for the lists you selected by identifying your field of study and specifying an associated profession if relevant. Explain in two separate sections how you applied the criteria on our validity checklist to determine the validity of each list: first the credible list, then the list lacking credibility. Try to be as thorough as you can with the questions listed under each heading on the checklist. If you’re unable to make a determination about any of the criteria, be sure to explain that, too. 4. Read all of your classmate’s posts to see how others applied the validity criteria. 5. Respond to at least one post. Because this is a practice exercise to prepare for several subsequent assignments, asking a clarifying question or commenting on the effectiveness of an explanation would be helpful responses. Resource Management Tip: Later in the course, you will be asked to research resources directly related to the focus of your critical inquiry question. You will summarize and categorize these resources in your exploratory essay and include them in your annotated bibliography. As you’re doing this week’s practice assignment, if you find any resources that you think may be relevant to the two later assignments, be sure to save them and categorize them in your personal resource manager (Evernote, Google Keep, or OneNote).

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