How effective is cognitive behavioral

Description Annotated Bibliography Assignment Overview: The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice conducting a literature search using searchable databases (e.g., PsycINFO, MEDLINE, Google Scholar) and to learn how to create an annotated bibliography. Annotated bibliographies are extended reference lists for a research topic that includes a brief summary of the information contained in the articles. My hope is that at this point you have some idea about what your Senior Paper topic will be, even if only in a general sense. This is your opportunity to further develop the topic while obtaining several of the required 40 sources for your paper, which you will write next semester. Use that information (and time, if permissible) to find five scholarly journal articles that pertain to your Senior Paper topic (review articles, book chapters, and dissertations should not be included). One of your articles must be a qualitative study. Instructions: The assignment requires that you provide a title page in APA format. The title of the paper will incorporate your overall Senior Paper topic; you may use the title from your Proposal written last semester, if still applicable. Following the title page will be five 1-page article summaries; please limit your summaries to one page only. The total assignment will be no longer than six pages. Upload this to the D2L dropbox before the deadline assigned in class. Read each of your selected articles and provide a summary of the article using the format discussed in class. An example of this format is provided on p. 28 (Figure 2-4) of your Smith and Davis (2013) textbook. For each article, you should read it and provide the following in your annotated bibliography: 1. Reference Information. Provide the full citation for the article using APA style (refer to your APA style manual) 2. Introduction. Why did the researchers conduct this experiment? What theory does this research seek to support? Be sure to include a summary of key hypotheses and/or research questions posed (there may be more than one). Additionally, include a brief description of the variables under study. For example, identify the independent variable(s) and the dependent variable(s); identify any relevant predictor, outcome, and/or control variables. 3. Method. Use the following sections to describe how the project was conducted: Participants. Describe the participants of the experiment. List such specifics as species, number, age, and sex. Apparatus. Describe the equipment used by the researcher. Note any deviations from the stand apparatus, as well as any unusual features. Procedure. Describe the conditions under which the participants were tested. Results. Which statistical tests did the author use? What were the results of these statistical tests? Discussion and Evaluation. What conclusions did the author(s) reach? How do these conclusions relate to theory and past research? Were the hypotheses supported? How might a future study expand or improve upon this article? Describe any criticisms of the research that occurred to you as you read the article. Overall, summary of each article should make sense to someone who has not read the article. If you summarize your study well, then I should be able to understand what happened without having to read the actual article. Basically, your bibliography should show us that you understood: (a) what the researchers did; (b) how key terms and constructs relate to the article; (c) strengths of the research and possible areas of improvement. Tip: If you are using PsycINFO to search, you can also use the Cited References link associated with an article to find relevant references cited by that article. You can also use the Times Cited in this Database link associated with an article to find articles that have been published more recently. Grading Criteria: You will be graded according to the following: Relevance of articles to overall Senior Paper topic (5 points) Articles are scholarly and from academic journal articles (5 points) APA format, including title page, spacing, margins, running head, and page numbering (5 points) Written expression of the literature review, including grammar/spelling and sentence structure/flow (10 points) Coverage of information provided in each summary (25 points).

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