Group Project Career Services Mobile Application Spring 2019

Available Resources:


MIST 331 (Enterprise System) will be providing the groups with the following resources:

Definition of Career Services Business Processes (available Feb 6.)

Reengineering of processes to improve operational efficiency and enable data-driven decision making (available Feb 6.)

System architecture – the presentation layer, the application layer, and the data layer (available Feb 20).

Two iterations of the prototype (available on March 27 and April 15).

Technical Requirements:


Develop a user interface consistent with the university standards.

Be able to connect to university data sources.

Be able to integrate the app within the Banner system.



Developing the Business Case and Project Charter    (7 points)     

Use the templates on pages 75 and 109 of the textbook  to develop the business case and project charter respectively.

Make sure to specify

the key project stakeholders roles and responsibilities,

the project’s scope,

a high-level estimate of the expected schedule and budget,

a rough estimate of the required resources,

the assumptions and risks taken, and

define the necessary plans (scope management, change management, HR, communication, quality management, etc.)

Scope Statement and Work Breakdown Structure     (5 points)     

the scope statement should include a product scope description, product user acceptance criteria, and detailed information on all project deliverables.

Translate the scope statement into a deliverable-oriented WBS that includes the total scope of the project.

At the lowest level of the WBS, the work packages should  identify:

the work to be carried out

the time to complete the work package

the time-phased budget to complete a work package

the resources needed to complete the work package

the single person responsible for the units of work

Project Schedule and Budget       (6 points)                                         

The schedule should define the activities, the sequence of activities, milestones, estimate of activity resource and duration, and a network diagram.

The budget should include direct and indirect costs and reserves.

Project Control        (5 points)                                                                 

Track the project actual progress and update the project plan to reflect any changes from the baseline scope, time, cost, and resources.

Documentation required with each deliverable  (4 points for all)

A RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) matrix that shows the roles and responsibilities of each team member.

A communication report that details

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