Essay: The essay is around 2000 words (max 2100 – min 1900, bibliography, in-text citations, footnotes, headings, tables, and title page included) and must be double-spaced. ANY ASSIGNMENT THAT DOES NOT RESPECT THE WORD LIMIT WILL INCUR A 20% DEDUCTION. Use 12-size font. Only one submission is permitted on D2L so make sure you are submitting your final copy: IF YOU SUBMIT THE WRONG COPY, YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO RESUBMIT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Zipped files are not acceptable; make sure you upload a word document.

Objective: Throughout a critical analysis, you are expected to demonstrate an understanding of the interrelation between one Canadian city of your choosing and the Canadian economic landscape. There are a variety of subjects you can select for your investigation such as the housing market, immigrants’ economic role, the declining manufacturing sector, the rising service sector, the impact of creative industries, etc. I suggest you only select 1 subject in 1 city as this will allow you to conduct an in-depth study rather than simply present a generic overview. You are also required to show an active engagement with the subject and be able to formulate an original perspective on it.

Evaluation: The essay requires the student to carry out an analysis of the subject, and make and justify an evaluative, comparative or explicatory judgement. The essay will be evaluated based on clarity of organization, logic, syntax, and grammar of student writing.

Follow an essay format and make sure your paper includes an introduction (clearly indicating topic, thesis statement, and how you plan to structure your paper), a proper body, and a conclusion (reviewing and summarizing the arguments and evidence presented in the body)

When you quote or paraphrase other scholars, you MUST provide in-text references and a full list of work cited at the end

All quotations must be within quotation marks

You are required to use at least 6 peer-reviewed journal’s articles (books’ chapters, commentaries, book reviews etc. will not be accepted). You can use additional non-peer-review material if you so choose.

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