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1 – Food borne illnesses. This article will address the following issues: ●Discuss the controls required to prevent physical and chemical contamination of food (AC 1.1) ●Compare the characteristics of food poisoning and food-borne infections based on relevant outbreaks examples (AC 1.2) ●Consider outbreak examples while discussing how food-borne illnesses can be controlled (AC 1.3)

2 – Food spoilage agents and preservation methods. This article will address the following issues: ●Categorize the food-spoilage agents that affect food (AC 2.1) ●Discuss methods of food preservation (AC 2.2) ●Evaluate the effectiveness of food preservation methods (AC 2.3) 3 – Effective prevention systems in food industry. This article will address the following issues: ●Discuss the key steps in a temperature control system (AC 3.1) ●Summarize methods for the safe storage of food (AC 3.2) ●Evaluate cleaning and disinfection as a process supporting safe food production (AC 3.4)

●Assess the problems associated with pest control in food premises (AC 3.5) ●Justify the need for hygienic design and construction of food premises (AC 3.6) ●Justify the importance of training as a quality assurance mechanism (AC 3.7) Merit and distinction characteristics:

M1: An effective approach to study and research has been applied to show the differences between food borne infections and food poisoning and how they can be controlled. You are expected to highlight cause-effects and to consider the unforeseen circumstances. (AC 1.2, 1.3) M2: Appropriate learning methods/techniques have been applied to evaluate the effectiveness of food preservation methods (AC 2.3) You are expected to use appropriate writing structures and to refer to appropriate criteria while evaluating the effectiveness of a range of food preservation methods. D1: Conclusions have been arrived at through synthesis of ideas and have been applied while proving the importance of effective prevention systems in the control of food contamination (LO 3)

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