Describe the three types of materials in the planetary rings that

This 20-point, take-home quiz will satisfy your writing assignment for the course. It will be graded not only on content, but also on punctuation, grammar, and writing style. It must be written in the style of an essay, with full sentences and well-defined paragraphs. You may work in groups, but the paper must be written in your own words from the material that you have obtained in class (i.e., your lecture notes). You should be able to write the essay in two pages, but it should not be longer than three pages. The essay should be double spaced, with 12-point type, and with one-inch margins for each page. The essay should not be written as isolated sentences of factual information, but rather as a coherent discourse composed of sentences that flow from one topic to the next. The Essay: Describe the three types of materials in the planetary rings that collided with the Earth during its early stages of formation. Discuss the derivation of heat energy within the internal Earth. In what way was this heat energy used in helping to generate the Earth’s ordered arrangement of compositionally stratified layers? Describe each layer, from the Earth’s core to the Earth’s atmosphere, and relate the ultimate (original) source of each layer to the three types of extraterrestrial materials that collided with the Earth in its early stage of formation. Explain why the differentiation of Earth into these nested layers may have been necessary for life to form and evolve on our planet.

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