Describe the actions as an engineer that should be taken to come to

• Explain how ethical lapses contributed to the engineering failure.

• Describe the actions as an engineer that should be taken to come to grips with the failure, utilizing one of the ethical frameworks you learned about as a guide in influencing or determining your course of action.

• Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the actions that you propose and provide justification using an ethical framework. The Research Part: • First, read about the case and understand the complex issues surrounding the case. What parties were involved? What were the main engineering (technical and communication), management, regulatory, and ethical issues? Which ethical framework (consequentialism, duty ethics, virtue ethics) is most sensible to apply to this case study and why? Outline: • Abstract: 0.75 pages • Background: 1.25 pages • Engineering Failure: 1.25 pages • Ethical Analysis: 1.75 pages • Recommendations: 1.5 pages • Conclusions: 0.5 pages I will provide more detail as soon as possible.

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