Create a new file named linked_list_tests.c with a corresponding header


Create a new file named linked_list_tests.c with a corresponding header file. This file should contain three functions:

  1. void linked_list_insert_sequential_start(int num_samples, int sample_size)
  2. void linked_list_insert_sequential_end(int num_samples, int sample_size)
  3. void linked_list_insert_random(int num_samples, int sample_size)

Sequential Insert

The first test should create a new sample of size sample_size. Similar to the testing functions used for arrays, you can simulate this using a void * object and allocating sample_size bytes to it. Insert the new pointer at the beginning of the linked list.

The second test will be almost identical to the first one you created, except you should add each sample to the end of the list. Since you are simulating a standard, singly-linked list, you should expect that this version will perform slower inserting at the beginning of the list.

Random Insert

The third and final test should insert the samples at a random position based on the current number of samples. Reference the random tests in array_tests.c to see how the random values are generated.

After implementing all three functions, include the header file in run_tests.c and create a function named void linked_list_tests(int num_samples, int sample_size). This function should call each individual test you created previously. Use array_tests as a reference to what this should look like.

Running the Tests

The provided Makefile will compile and run the tests automatically. If you implement the functions as requested correctly, this will also work for your new tests. Once you have implemented the new tests, run the test by calling make.

The output should clearly show which test is being performed followed by the time (in ms) that it took to execute the test. Feel free to model your benchmark function after the array tests already provided. If the tests run properly, you’re done!

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