complete Netlab 2 and submit your lab summary here. NETLAB


  1. complete Netlab 2 and submit your lab summary here.

    NETLAB 2: A. Reconnaissance With Hping/ Creating and Installing SSL Certificates. 

    1. Using hping as an ICMP utility 
    2. Using hping for port scanning. 
    3. Create a Self Self-signed certificate 
    4. Configure Apache SSL File. 
    5. Testing SSL Certificate. 
    6. NETLAB 2: B. Vulnerability Scanning With Openvas. 
    7. OpenVas initial Setup 
    8. Scanning with OpenVas 
    9. Customized Scanning with OpenVas 
    10. Which other tools can be used for vulnerability management? 
    11. NETLAB 2. C. Network Analysis/VNC As A Backdoor. 
      1. Capturing Traffic with tcpdump 
      2. Analyzing Traffic with Wireshark 
      3. Using TightVNC 
      4. Reversing VNC Connections 


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