COMM 100v3 Assignment 4

The purpose of this research essay is to develop and support the thesis you developed in response to the research question you asked about a diversity issue. In other words, this is to be an argumentative essay. Remember that your thesis statement is your answer to your research question; it indicates your stance, and it is the controlling idea for your essay. Every paragraph in the essay performs a role in relation to the thesis, introducing it (introduction), developing and supporting it (body), and summarizing and reiterating it (conclusion).


This is a research-based essay. You must work with at least three sources, one of which must be a scholarly journal article (you may use sources from previous course assignments provided they are suitable). You can use more sources, but be cautious about including too many sources, as it could overwhelm what you are trying to say. Do not forget the value of exploring voices that are often neglected. Remember that you need to write a balanced essay: do not ignore differing views and opposing findings.


You are expected to follow all academic conventions for academic writing. Include a title page that lists the number and title of the assignment, your name, the course number, the name of your academic expert, and the date submitted. Include a title for your essay that engages the reader’s interest and provides a sense of what you will be arguing in your essay. Follow all APA formatting requirements, including running head, page numbers, in-text citation, list of references, and so on. You do not need to write an abstract for this course. For help with formatting an essay using APA, see the General Format page at Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL). Don’t forget to use the APA Quick Guide for help with formatting your in-text citations and your list of References.


Review the sample argumentative essay with commentary that you read in Lesson 6. Before you hand in your essay, check especially for the following: Is your thesis clear and well-developed?  Do your paragraphs have relevant topic sentences? Did you create transitions to the next paragraph? Does your conclusion restate your thesis? Use the marking criteria provided below as a checklist.

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