Christopher Columbus : Villain

MLA format 5 paragraphs (intro-conclusion-3 body) 3 reasons why Columbus is a villain, not a hero – didn’t discover the American continent – how he treated the Indians (slaves, what he made them do, how evil he was) – the deal with the Spanish King and Queen, and he did everything because he loved titles, and power Rubric -Make at least 2 connections from the past to the modern day with sufficient detail. -Broke down how the Columbian Exchange led to cooperation within Europe by including a high level of detail and multiple examples, while also breaking down and explaining how it led to the oppression of Native Americas in the New World. -Broke down in which the natural resources in the New World contributed to both cooperation and conflict between the New and Old Worlds by including specific details and explanations proving the significance of the interactions. -Explained all 3 of the following in detail: capitalism, joint-stock companies, and the theory of mercantilism that began during the Columbian Exchange.

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