Canda, E.R., & Furman, L.D. (2010). Spiritual Diversity in Social

Instructions: Complete spiritual exercises found in course textbook. Some exercises will require advance planning. Please plan accordingly and read modules/schedule carefully.

Exercises that are not at least 1 full page will receive a zero.

Select one exercise only.

Exploring a religious perspective on service (5.1) or

Exploring a nonsectarian perspective on service (6.1)   (DO THE EXERCISE THAT WOULD NOT REQUIRE TO VISIT A LOCATION)

Canda, E.R., & Furman, L.D. (2010). Spiritual Diversity in Social Work Practice: The Heart of Helping (2nd ed.). NY: Oxford University Press.





1-3 full pages

Includes APA headings/subheadings appropriately

12 pt font, 1” margins

Word or Word-compatible document

Title/# of selected spiritual exercise clearly stated on APA title page or in document title

Course concept appropriately referenced (in-text citation, reference item)

3 pts


Clearly follows all instructions as stated in textbook

Responses to exercise are thorough, thoughtful

Connects to at least 1 specific course concept

7 pts



10 PTS


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