By 1900, Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward “had been translated into

By 1900, Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward “had been translated into more than twenty languages and had sold more copies than any other American book except Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It was the second book to sell over a million copies. Dozens of other utopian novels followed in its wake, but social commentators continue to rank Looking Backward as second only to Karl Marx’s Das Kapital in world influence.” Looking at and citing actual contemporary reviews and debates about Looking Backward (at least THREE from 1888 through 1900), write an essay exploring why the novel was so popular at the end of the 19th century.

1) Your essay should be 3-4 pages long.

2) It should be submitted in a WORD-compatible format and NOT as a PDF file (so that instructor comments/corrections can be easily added). 3) It is due by 9 am on Friday, 02/15/2019. Remember to structure your argument in a clear way, typically: introduce the topic and issue(s), elaborate on and offer convincing evidence for your point of view or thesis, summarize and conclude. — You should always include your name, essay title, and date either on a separate cover sheet or at the top of the first page (the title page, if included, should NOT be counted as one of your 3-4 pages). — In your essays, you should use footnotes (appearing at the “foot” of each page) or endnotes (appearing at the end of the essay) to acknowledge material which is not your own or to elaborate on a point you raise. Use them for all of the following: Direct quotations from another author’s work. (These must be placed in quotation marks (long direct quotes should be indented and single spaced, and if formatted in this way do not require quotation marks). Citing authority for statements which are not quoted directly. Material of an explanatory nature which does not fit into the flow of the body of the text. In the text of an essay, material to be footnoted should be marked with a raised number immediately following the words or ideas that are being cited. 

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