INSTRUCTIONS After completing your observation, you must write a 4-page paper in current APA format that reflects on your 40-hour shadowing experience. The paper must include at least 3 references. At least 1 of these references must be a peer-reviewed journal article. The paper must include the following: 1) Describe the practice setting of the social worker you shadowed. • Who receives services at this setting? • What types of services are provided at this setting? • What is the purpose or goal of the services provided? • Briefly explain why you chose this practice setting for your assignment. What interests you about this setting? 2) Discuss the social worker’s role and boundaries within the setting. • What role does the social worker play in this setting? What are 3 main responsibilities of the worker? • Are there other professionals within the setting as well as other community agencies with whom the social worker collaborates in order to help their clients? If so, explain. • What are the boundaries of the social worker within this setting? 3) Apply the social work competencies and the textbook and journal article readings to the social work practice witnessed and the experiences described by the agency representative(s). • Choose 2 of the professional social work competencies you believe are especially important to have when practicing in this setting and explain why you believe they are important. • Relate 1–2 experiences described in the textbook chapter(s) with the experiences discussed by the agency representative(s). What are the similarities? What are the differences? • Describe 1 way the journal article(s) can inform the work in this practice setting. Can the findings of the article(s) be used to assist social workers in this practice setting? If so, how? 4) Practice self-reflection by discussing your feelings regarding the agency and/or experience. • What was your experience like at the agency (or hearing from the agency representative)? • What was shared at the agency (or from the agency representative) that was most helpful for you in understanding the role of the social worker? • Identify 2 ways you saw God at work in the practice setting or in the agency representative you spoke to. If you did not see God at work in either, describe 2 ways God could potentially work in this particular setting. • Is there anything about the role of the social worker and/or working with the particular clientele in this setting that you think will be particularly challenging for you? If so, explain. • Describe 2 strengths about yourself or previous experiences that you feel would be beneficial to the role of social worker in this setting. Review the 40-Hour Field Experience – Written Reflection Paper Grading Rubric for grading details.


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