12Bar Blues and How It Is Used in Multiple Genres First watch the YouTube video on the 12bar blues. This

12-Bar Blues and How It Is Used in Multiple Genres
First, watch the YouTube video on the 12-bar blues. This is a great explanation of the 12-bar blues, as well as a good demonstration of rhythm.
Select this link to watch the video
12 Bar Blues
Part 1 with Grammy® Nominated Music Educator Mike Overly.
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Next, choose one idea from the video and discuss how you have come to understand
that idea on a higher level.
Mr. Overly touches on rhythm, tempo, keys, seventh chords, and the structure of the 12-bar blues. Also, discuss
which songs you know that use that idea or that chord progression. Post a link to the song to support your point.
Response Parameters
Response should be a minimum of 300 words. content.
The source material used in all assignments, including the class text, must be properly cited and referenced in accordance with APA style!! No Plagiarism !!

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