1. To the victor… Definitions! There is a significant debate

1. To the victor…


 There is a significant debate among historians about how to best define this period in American history.  Using what you know from the textbook and our readings, is this period best described as:

  • a “revolution” (a radical transformation in the political, social, and/or cultural system, often resulting in the overthrow of traditional elites),
  • a “civil war” (a conflict between two or more groups from 1 state),
  • or a “war of independence” (a conflict in which one piece of a territory tries to separate itself from the larger territory it belongs to, without necessarily redefining itself or displacing its elites in a revolutionary fashion)?

2. What Say Ye?

A British official who is a representative of the crown, you are a “loyalist.” It is early spring in 1776. Thomas Paine has recently published his pamphlet, Common Sense, and the debate rages over what the American colonists should do. What do you think should happen next? In making your argument, consider all that has happened in the last 10 years. Make your case to your peers.


The American Yawp, Chapter 5, “Revolution” and Chapter 6, “A New Nation”




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