1 DQ 2 There are different types of leadership theories.

 1 DQ 2

There are different types of leadership theories. There is not one type of theory that is better than another. In this post I will compare the Great Man Theory and the Contingency Leadership theory.

The Great Man Theory was founded by Thomas Carlyle in the 19th century (Grand Canyon University, 2018). The theory states that great leaders are born with specific traits that allow them to rise up and lead others (Grand Canyon University, 2018). This theory suggest that organizations should hire only those that display the great man theory (Gorkes, 2021). The traits suggested that individuals are born with are intelligence, sociability, confidence, charisma (Gorkes, 2021). Thomas Caryle stated that “history of the world is but the biograph of great men. Such as Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, and Abraham Lincoln” (Grand Canyon University, 2018). The weakness with this theory is that it assumes that leaders are only born and that others are not able to become leaders. Other have the ability to become leaders and step up to the plate and create these traits through personal experiences, work experience, education, and leadership workshops. The strength of this theory is that there are people who have these leadership skills naturally and this can take on a leadership role without even knowing that they are influencing others. In the nursing practice it helps to have a natural leader on the nursing floor because nurses will always feel comfortable to go to that person for help and for examples on how to do their job.

The Contingency Leadership Theory was founded by Fred Fielder in the 1960s. This theory states that there is not a leadership style that is considered the best. The theory states that a leader’s success is dependent on the situation (Grand Canyon University, 2018). The theory states that mangers and leaders adapt in response to changing situations. Success is due to external factors that influence the leader in a certain situation (Grand Canyon University,2018). The strength of this theory is that individuals will feel impowered to become leaders believing that can do it. This can help in the nursing process because nurses will feel more confident to be their patients advocate, educator, and leader. The weakness of this theory is that a nurse may feel too empowered as a leader that they may never feel as if they are incorrect or will not allow others to have an opinion.


Compare two leadership theories. Provide an overview of each and discuss the strengths and weakness in relation to nursing practice.


Using 200-300 words APA format with at least two references. Sources must be published within the last 5 years.

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